We provide a confidential service to all our patients. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have a duty NOT TO give out information about you without your consent, except in exceptional circumstances. If you are under 16, doctors and other workers still have to keep what is said private. Sometimes a health worker may decide that a patient is not mature enough to make decisions about their treatment, but the consultation can still be confidential. If your confidentiality is breached (which means the doctor or other health worker tells someone else without your permission), the worker may have to justify their decision to their professional body.

Confidentiality and Young People

Young people aged 16 or 17 are regarded as adults for consent to treatment. They are entitled to the same duty of confidence as adults. Staff must observe the same duty of confidence to young people as adults and must never disclose information to any unauthorized person.

Children under 16 who have the understanding to make decisions about their treatment are also entitled to decide whether personal information may be passed on. Personal information must not be disclosed to parents without their consent. Decisions to pass on personal information may be taken by the person with parental responsibility, whether or not they are living with the child, in consultation with the Healthcare Professionals involved.

Data Protection Act 2018

We comply fully with the Data Protection Act 2018. The Practice has a policy that will allow patients to read their records. Prior arrangements must be made with the Practice in writing so that a member of staff is available for supervision.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

The Practice premises provide suitable access for our disabled patients. If you have a disability please inform us of any special requirements as this will help us to identify how best to provide you with alternative methods of information, methods of requesting an appointment, means of contacting you and to assess your needs during a consultation.

The following are available on request:-

  • Portable hearing induction loop
  • Practice documents can be made available in large print with good colour/tone contrast
  • Should you require a document in a particular format, please ask at reception.

Freedom of Information – Publication Scheme

To comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the Practice produces a Publication Scheme. It is a general guide to the “classes” of information that is available. For information about the scheme, or to request information about Betws y Coed Practice please write to: Ms Michelle Roberts, The Practice Manager, Meddygfa Betws y Coed Ffordd Gethin, Conwy LL24 0BP.

How the Practice Uses Personal Health Information

Personal health information is held in confidence and will not be disclosed to a third party without prior consent, unless in exceptional circumstances that is felt to be in the public interest. Your medical history will be recorded on the practice computer system which is accessed only by authorized members of the practice team. The information recorded is required so that you can receive the best possible care and treatment. This also ensures that the doctors and nurses have accurate and up-to-date information in order to provide you with the appropriate level of care. Information about you is only passed to people who have a genuine need for it. Where possible we shall remove details that identify you as an individual. Everyone working in the NHS have a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality regarding patient information.

If you require any further information you can speak to Ms Michelle Roberts, Practice Manager.

Zero Tolerance

It is the policy of this Practice that aggression, violence, abuse and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Any person who threatens any member of staff with violence or exhibits threatening behaviour will be removed from the list in line with this policy.

Incidents which are of a threatening nature or physical assaults on NHS staff will result in police involvement and the matter will be referred to the Criminal Justice System.